Suggested SF Readings

Bear, Greg Eon; Eternity
Bester, Alfred The Stars My Destination
Blish, James Cities in Flight (series) (many
Star Trek novels)
Bova, Ben Mars; Return to Mars
Bradbury, Ray The Martian Chronicles
Brin, David The Uplift War (series)
Cherryh, C. J. Foreigner (series)
Clarke, Arthur C. 2001, a Space Odyssey ( and
sequels) Rama II (and sequels)
Forward, Robert L. Rocheworld (and sequels); Starquake
Heinlein, Robert Orphans of the Sky Have Space Suit, Will Travel
Herbert, Frank Dune (series) with prequels by
Brian Herbert
Leinster, Murray The Forgotten Planet
Lewis, C.S. Perelandra
Nevin, Larry Ringworld (series);The
Integral Trees
Resnick, Michael Paradise: a chronicle of a distant
Kim Stanley
Red Mars (and sequels)
Russell, Mary Doria The Sparrow, Children of God
Sheffield, Charles Heritage Universe (series)
Silverberg, Robert Majipoor Chronicles
Van Vogt, A. E. The Voyage of the Space Beagle
Verne, Jules From the Earth to the Moon
Vinge, Vernor A Deepness in the Sky
Wolfe, Gene Book of the New Sun (series) Book of the Long Sun (series)

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