The Supernatural

Aldiss, Brian Dracula Unbound
Bloch, Robert Last Rites; Bitter Ends; Final Reckonings (all short story collections)
Butcher, Jim  Grave Peril; Proven Guilty (“The Dresden Files” series)
Bangs, Nina  Night Bites; Master of Ecstasy (paperbacks)
Banks, L.A. The Damned  (“Vampire Huntress Legends” series)
Brite, Poppy Z. Drawing Blood; Lost Souls
Butler, Octavia Fledgling 
Charnas, Suzy McKee  The Vampire Tapestry
Davidson, MaryJanice  Undead and Unwed (paperback series – “The Undead”)
Elrod, P.N.  I, Strahd; Lifeblood; Red Death (paperbacks)
Fox, Andrew Fat White Vampire Blues; Bride of the Fat White Vampire
Feehan, Christine  Dark Desire; Dark Secret; Dark Celebration (“Dark” series)
Hambly, Barbara Those Who Hunt the Night
Hamilton, Laurell  The Laughing Corpse; Circus of the Damned; Burnt Offerings (“Anita Blake” series)
Harris, Charlaine  Living Dead in Dallas; Dead Until Dark (“Southern Vampire” series)
Holland, Tom  Lord of the Dead:  the secret history of Byron; Slave of my Thirst
Huff, Tanya  Blood Pact; Blood Trail (paperbacks)
James, Dean  Baked to Death; Posted to Death (“Simon Kirby-Jones” mystery series)
Kalogridis, Jeanne (” The Diaries of the family Dracul” series)
Kostova, Elizabeth  The Historian
Laymon, Richard The Traveling Vampire Show; Bite; The Stake
Lumley, Brian  Blood Brothers; Bloodwars; A Coven of Vampires
Martin, George R.R.  Fevre Dream; Sandkings 
Miller, Linda Lael  For All Eternity; Forever and the Night; Time Without End
Monahan, Brent  The Book of Common Dread; The Blood of the Covenant:  a novel of the vampiric
Newman, Kim  Anno-Dracula; The Bloody Red Baron
Rice, Anne  Interview with the Vampire (The “Vampire Chronicle” series and many other books on vampiric themes)
Saberhagen, Fred  The Dracula Tape (The “Dracula” series)
Shepard, Jim Nosferatu (loosely based on the motion picture)
Simmons, Dan  Children of the Night
Somtow, S. P.  Vanitas:  Escape from Vampire Junction
Stoker, Bram  Dracula (classic Vampire book)
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn Hotel Transylvania; Dark of the Sun; States of Grace (“Saint-Germain” series in many volumes)


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