Arthurian Legend

Barthelme, Donald: The King
Berger, Thomas: Arthur Rex: a Legendary Novel
Borchardt, Alice: The Dragon Queen; The Raven Warrior
Bradley, Marion Zimmer: Lady of Avalon; The Mists of Avalon
Bradshaw, Gillian: Hawk of May; Kingdom of Summer; In Winter’s Shadow
Canning, Victor: The Crimson Chalice
Chopra, Deepak: The Return of Merlin
Cochran, Molly: The Forever King; The Broken Sword
Coney, Michael: The King of the Scepter’d Isle
Cornwell, Bernard: (Warlord Chronicles) The Winter King; Enemy of God; Excalibur
Davis, Peter: Knight Life; One Knight Only
Goldstein, Lisa: Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon
Hollick, Helen: (Pendragon’s Banner trilogy) The Kingmaking; Pendragon’s Banner; Shadow of the King
Jones, Courtway: (Dragon’s Heirs) In the Shadow of the Oak King; Witch of the North
Keneally-Morrison, Patricia: (The Keltiad series) The Silver Branch; The Copper Crown; The Hawk’s Gray Feather; The Oak Above the Kings; The Hedge of Mist; Blackmantle; The Deer’s Cry
Lawhead, Stephen: (The Pendragon Cycle series) Taliesin; Merlin; Arthur; Pendragon; Grail; Avalon
Malory, Sir Thomas: Le Morte d’Arthur
Matthews, John: Secret Camelot: the Lost Legends of King Arthur
Miles, Rosalind: (The Guenevere novels) Guenevere: Queen of the Summer Country; The Knight of the Sacred Lake; The Child of the Holy Grail
Monaco Richard: Parcival; The Final Quest
Newman, Sharan: Guinevere; The Chessboard Queen; Guinevere Evermore
Rice, Robert: The Last Pendragon
Stewart, Mary: The Crystal Cave; The Hollow Hills; The Last Enchantment; The Wicked Day
Sutcliff, Rosemary: Sword at Sunset
Tolstoy, Nikolai: The Coming of the King: the first book of Merlin
Turton, Godfrey: The Emperor Arthur
Twain, Mark: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
Wein, Elizabeth: The Winter Prince
White, T.H.: The Sword in the Stone; The Once and Future King; The Book of Merlyn
Whyte, Jack: (The Camulod Chronicles) The Skystone; The Singing Sword; The Eagles’ Brood; The Saxon Shore; The Fort at River’s Bend; The Sorcerer; Uther; The Eagle
Wolf, Joan: The Road to Avalon; Born of the Sun; The Edge of Light
Woolley, Persia: Child of the Northern Spring; Queen of the Summer Stars; Guinevere: The Legend in Autumn

Short Story Collections

The Camelot Chronicles: Heroic Adventures from the Time of King Arthur; Chronicles of the Round Table and The Pendragon Chronicles: Heroic Fantasy from the Time of King Arthur all edited by Mike Ashley

Reference Books

Arthurian Myth and Legend: an A-Z of People and Places and Heroes of the Round Table by Mike Dixon-Kennedy
The Arthurian Yearbook
The New Arthurian Encyclopedia
edited by Norris J. Lacy


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